Raj Yoga is the king of all Yogas. Raja meaning King and Yoga meaning Communication. Raja Yoga is communication between the self and the Higher Being (God). Raja Yoga is not physical exercise, rather it is an easy mental exercise where one practices control of mind by focused concentration & rhythmic breathing. Raja Yoga transcends the mind beyond the body and creates lasting peaceful experiences.

8 - Fold Path

The path is the same and our expert yogi's help achieve the divinity to our guests by assembling the experience of the Eight-Fold Path of Ashtaanga Yoga.
Yamas: Life Style Control
Niyamas: Spiritual Disciplines
Asanas: Body Posture
Pranayam: Rhythmic Breathing
Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the Senses,
Dharana: Concentration of the Mind,
Dhyana: Meditation,
Samadhi: Union with Ishwar.

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