Yogena Cittasya Padena Vaacaam I
(I bow down who purifies the Mind by removing Chitta Vrittis)

Malam Shariirasya Ca Vaidyakena II
(who purifies the impurities of the Body through Vaidya)

Yoga-Apaakaroa-Uttamam Pravaram Muniinaam I
(Expert in removing impurities of Body, Mind & Speech, to that of Saints)

Patan.jalim Praan.jalir-Aanatoa-Asmi II
(Who is Patanjali - (Ashtanga Yoga), I bow down with folded hands.)

Tara Wellness Centre and Yoga Institute is a panacea, exhibiting a new discourse on living a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life by transcending today's morbid lifestyle by virtue of belief and practice of ancient Yoga Sutra scribed by Maharishi Patanjali in the form of Ashtanga Yoga. However, we cannot take the excursion depiction of Tara Wellness Centre and Yoga Centre without the induction of Ratan Veer Nature Cure Centre, which is the stepping stone sole inspirational article which helped drive the movement ahead in holistic well-being of mankind. Ratan Veer Nature Cure and Research Centre incepted in 2009, under the harmonious platform of Shree K M Patel Arogyadham run by Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust. The vital adoring being, Ratan Veer Nature Cure and Research Centre to be a momentous sanctuary of Naturopathy, an ancient practice of healing the body by harmonising its own natural system to regulate and correct the metabolism activity. Naturopathic philosophy was always an organic extension because it propagates holistic approach of aiding the vital curative energy within the body to remove the cause of diseases expelling the unwanted toxic matter in bibbed greatly towards serving mankind and providing holistic wellbeing.

Ratan Veer Nature Cure and Research Centre, an inherited belief of that the human body is composed of five great elements air, water, soil, heat and space. Any imbalance of these elements leads to collection of morbid matter and it creates disease in the body. We incorporate many therapeutic techniques like herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, yoga, food & nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and counseling to bring about expulsion of the morbid matter, restoring the harmony and balance of the Panch Bhutas and hence it is called Nature Cure.

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