The Food & Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle requires a customized diet. A nutritious and balanced diet according to an individual’s body type incorporating the principles of Ayurveda is the core to every meal. According to Ayurveda, there are three body types. The first is Vata, which consists of air and space, the second is Pitta consisting of fire and water and the third is Kapha, which consists of water and earth. Our food is not created only for taste but designed to fulfill the needs of these specific body types.

With a specially curated menu courtesy our in-house expert nutritionists and chefs, we serve food that is rejuvenating and soulful while being delectable and sumptuous.
Our cuisines use fresh produce from local organic farms and are low on fat and calories with a special emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and low-fat dairy products. We avoid added or artificial salts, colors, flavors or preservatives.

Premier Lounge
Smoothie & Juice Sation

“Pure Nector” It is a Bistro styled modern dinning reservoir serving epicurean healthy delights prepared a la minute using farm fresh produce which complements our wellness retreats. The myriad colours and gilded patterns, inspired by the varied moods and perSauna lities of our guests, as they choose to indulge in a soothing cup of tea or a replenishing liquid concoction.
Guests can relax and sip serenity in the afternoons and evenings at the bistro, and enjoy the breath-taking landscape view of our center.

Delicious Juices

Sattvik food enhances life span, purifies body, increases vigor and makes us happy and contented.

Dinning Hall

“Completeness” Appealing to one's senses as well as stomach, Our restaurant is a delight for any healthy food lover in every sense. Spacious and serene to allow every guest enjoy lunch and dinner at leisure and peace, the restaurant boasts of quality with class. The kitchen team comprises of expert chefs who hold several years of experience in delivering multi-cuisine healthy menu with Ayurvedic ingredients they extends their perfection to culinary by creating a perfect ambience and extensive variety for its guests.
The decor spells sophistication and a certain charm with its soothing lighting arrangement and hospitable staff. The magnificent view from the restaurant while having food only adds up to the incredible experience there.

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