Gyana Yoga

Gyana means knowledge. Gyana Yoga is the path where reality is discovered through insight, practice and knowledge.
Viveka - Discrimination
Viveka is the purest form of knowledge. It can also be described as the supreme authority of our conscience.
Vairagya - Renunciation
Vairagya means to liberate oneself inwardly from any desire for earthly pleasure or possessions.

6 Treasures

Shama - withdrawal of the senses and the mind.
Dama - control of the senses and the mind, To restrain oneself from negative actions
Uparati - to stand above things.
Titiksha - to be steadfast, disciplined, To endure through and overcome all difficulties.
Shraddha - faith and trust in the Holy Scriptures and the words of the Master.
Samadhana - to have determination and purpose.